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How Many Fish You Can Keep in Your Aquarium?

It is a natural assumption that the larger the aquarium, the more fish you can keep in it. Whilst this is obviously true, it is a statistic that can only be applied proportionately depending on what area of fishkeeping interest … Continue reading

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What Is Suitable Water for Your Aquarium?

Water, as it comes out of the tap, has been treated to be safe for human consumption. This means certain additives are present which fish are unlikely to have encountered in their natural habitat and which may adversely affect them. … Continue reading

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Tips for Choosing the Best Aquarium Lighting

Fish will not thrive in captivity unless we are able to replicate, as closely as possible, the conditions they enjoy in nature. Fortunately for us, the aquarium manufacturing industry has risen to the challenge admirably providing reliable, efficient equipment for … Continue reading

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Fish Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment

As with quarantining, the course of treatment must be thorough and also well documented. Don’t jump to conclusions. An example of this might be the following scenario: fish are panting at the surface. Obviously an oxygen deficiency, but where? If … Continue reading

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Common Fish Diseases and How to Deal With Them

Fish ailments can range from their equivalent of a common cold to some debilitating infection that is beyond treatment. Diseases fall into two groups, those that have early external visible symptoms and those that don’t. The problem with the latter … Continue reading

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A Guide to Keeping Goldfish in Your Aquarium

The Common Goldfish must the most commonly-kept fish in the world, althoug its popularity as an aquarium fish has diminished against the hugely popular tropical fishes which are now available, both for freshwater and marine aquariums. Having said that, the … Continue reading

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A Guide to Keeping Cichlids Fish in Your Aquarium

Now this is where it gets really interesting. To many fishkeepers, Cichlids are ugly brutes who think nothing of re-arranging the aquarium’s decorations when it suits them although, to be fair to the fish, they usually do it when breeding … Continue reading

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